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How Cleanliness Affects Your Business Customers

There are many aspects - like offering unique products and great customer service - that contribute to a business's success. However, your company will most likely struggle if your building's exterior appeal is lacking in terms of both aesthetics and cleanliness. After all, your customers don't want to walk into a place that looks like it ought to be condemned.
If the outside of your building looks like it's filthy or falling apart, it's time to get some help. Otherwise, your customers could be affected in the following ways.
Negative First Impressions Can Kill Your Customer Base
If a potential customer walks or drives by your business and what they see is lots of peeling paint, algae on the walls, or other such eyesores, it's possible that they'll think the following things regarding your company:
  • This company isn't detail-oriented or diligent.
  • Is it even safe to go in there?
  • It's gross, and I'm not spending my money here!
  • If they can't take care of their building, how can I trust them to take care of my needs?
Appearance is everything, and it is key to maintaining a professional image. Your customers should be able to look at your business from the street and get the impression that it is successful, that they can feel confident in your services, and that they can put their trust in you.
Unclean Environments Can Affect Your Company's & Clientele's Reputation
We live in a world where reputation is a crucial part of success. Not only is reputation management important for your business, but it is for your customers too. In fact, 39% of consumers won't even go into a store that doesn't look like a place they would normally shop.
Your business should be a place where customers want to be seen, not a place where they'd feel ashamed if they ran into someone they knew. Besides, someone who is used to shopping at luxury stores might not feel too keen about entering an establishment that doesn't look too appealing or clean.
Being able to attract high-end customers is a good way of keeping money coming into your business - especially if your product is considered upscale. Yet those with money tend to care about how their reputation will be affected by where they spend it.
External Appearances Influence Customer Purchasing Decisions
The plain and simple truth is thus: if your business doesn't make sales, it won't survive. How your business looks to outsiders is a key part of survival. When it comes to retail stores, for example, 52% of shoppers avoid stores that look dirty on the outside and 32% won't even bother returning in that case.
If what people see is that your business is grimy and unkempt, they might not even walk through your front doors. If customers don't feel comfortable going into your business location, how can you expect to make sales, garner profit, and stay afloat? Even worse, these people might tell others about their negative first impression.
If your exterior isn't the most appealing, don't fret. It's not the end of the world. In fact, a good pressure washing can clear away any dirt or algae and remove peeling paint so that the building can be repainted. Your current customers will see that you put in the effort to provide them with a clean atmosphere, and potential clients will no longer be deterred from entering.
At American Clean & Seal, we want you to succeed. We understand that keeping your location's exterior is a vital part of your business's success. Call us today and inquire about our pressure washing and hard surface cleaning services, so that we can help your exterior be attractive to your customers.

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